Blue Illusion Art Commission Prices and Info

Current Commission Status: WAITING LIST

Current Waiting List Status: OPEN

Please read this whole document before purchasing a commission, so you are aware of all the pricing, special discounts and terms and conditions! Thank you!

Bust Portrait - €280

Two characters: €325

Three characters: €400

Half Body - €350

Two characters: €420

Three characters: €490

Full Body - €450

Two characters: €530

Three characters: €600

Landscapes: from €500+


All commissions get a simple colored background at no extra charge.

Illustrated background costs from €70 extra.

Commercial Usage
The above prices are all listed for personal use. If your commission is for commercial use, a following fee will be added. Let me know in your email!

- 50% for non-exclusive license

- 100% for exclusive license

- €200 for year-long license for pre-existing work; renews yearly

Book Cover Commissions

The following prices already include the commercial exclusive license. I can also make your title for no extra charges.

E-book cover: €1000

Endpapers: €1.000 (per illustration)

Paperback cover: €1200

Dust Jacket: €1500

Special Author Discount

If you are an author and you would like to purchase the commercial license because you are going to use the illustration in your book or help to promote your book, you get a discount on the commercial license!

Instead of +100% you only have to pay +50%!

- This excludes the Book Cover Commissions, since the exclusive license is already in the price.

- You will pay +50% of the commission price, but you will receive the exclusive license.

- This only counts for if you purchase a commercial exclusive license

If the commission has an extensive amount of detail or complexity, the price could be a little higher than listed.

I can give you the exact price after receiving a description of what you’re looking for.

What can I do?

I specialize in human and fantasy characters of all kinds, but I can also do landscape/scenery. I am fine with painting nudity. Sexual themes are also fine, but nothing pornographic (this is subjective, so feel free to ask me and I’ll let you know if I can do it or not).

I design bookcovers, (reversed) dustjackets and many more things.

If you’re unsure, just send me a message and we can talk! 

Sticker Sheet Commission

I want to offer something new: it is now possible to commission a custom sticker sheet with 6, 12, 18 or 24 stickers! And not only that, I will personally manufacture them for you and deliver them to your house!

How to order your sticker sheet commission:

1. First pick if you want a sticker sheet with 6, 12, 18 or 24 stickers (you can see the design costs for the different numbers below)

2. Then you choose how many sheets you would like to have! The prices you see are per x number of sheets + the design costs included!

The following prices are for sticker sheets up until  85mm x 120 mm:


6 stickers

12 stickers

18 stickers

24 stickers

Design costs





1 proof





25 sheets





50 sheets





100 sheets





250 sheets





500 sheets





*all these prices are excl. btw

Some rules for the sticker sheet commission

- These prices do not include commercial license. If you want to purchase a commercial license, you have to pay +50% of the design costs one time only.

- These prices do not include any shipping costs. These will be added afterwards.

- The pricing stated above count for sticker sheets with a size up to 85 mm x 120 mm. If you want a bigger sticker sheet, the prices will increase. The maximum size for a sticker sheet is 170 mm x 240 mm. 

- It is not allowed to print and cut this design at any other business than Blue Illusion Art.

- It is possible to reprint your commission for the same price stated above deducting the design cost. I will save your design for at least up to two years.

- I will draw in my sticker sheet style, not my illustration style. See an example below of my sticker sheet style:

- You will have a limited amount of revisions with this commission (which is different from my normal commissions). During the sketch phase you only have 2 revisions. Revisions after the sketching phase will add an extra fee. 

- “Blue Illusion Art” will be written on the sticker sheet as my signature.

How to get started

  • Send an email to with the information on who/what you want me to paint (as detailed as possible). Include references if you have them. Please also include a date you would like to have the commission.
  • I will review your order and reply letting you know if I can accept the commission and confirm the price with you. I will also let you know if I can start right away, or if I put your commission on the waiting list. 
  • I’ll start by sending you a sketch for you to approve. At this stage you can let me know if there are any changes that need to be made before we move on.
  • After you’ve approved of my sketch, I require full payment before I start the painting process.
    You can request to split it into two payments if the total amount is more than €200. 
  • Once payment has been received I’ll start painting. I always send an update when I am about halfway done with your commission. At this point you can let me know if any details or colors need fixing.

Terms and Conditions

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission request.
  • I own the rights to the artwork. 
  • Commissions are added to my waiting list in order of when they were purchased, unless you have commissioned me for a time sensitive piece (birthday, anniversary, convection artwork) in which case, fees may be added for rush orders.
  • Commissioners can ask for progress updates and pictures at any point during the process. But please, do not rush me or pester me for constant updates. 
  • I am allowed to use the artwork in my portfolio and social media - unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. I do always take into account if it’s a gift for someone or a character you have yet to reveal. I can wait to post it if you let me know. I will however always ask if it’s okay to post the illustration.
  • You may not use the purchased artwork for commercial use or to gain profits (i.e. selling merchandise that features my artwork) unless you have paid commercial license.
  • Prices are as seen unless I post otherwise. I don’t bargain for lower prices or more artwork.
  • Refunds can only be given before I have started the artwork, no refunds after it has been completed.
  • Drastic changes to the artwork after/close to completion will cost extra.
  • Artwork files can be emailed to the customer.

Extra Commission Info

  • This is a digital art commission, meaning the end product is a high resolution file that will be sent to you by email or dropbox.
  • I need the desired measurements of your commission before I start. I draw the illustration with a 3 mm printmarge. The illustration itself will always be in the desired measurements. 
  • Up to the sketch you can change anything. After I start coloring, drastic changes will cost extra.
  • If you want an illustrated backside for your artprint, this can be done. The extra fee can differ on what kind of backside you want.
  • I can provide the commission in different sizes. Let me know beforehand what you want (this is crucial, otherwise I may need to add an extra fee or your commission can be of lower quality). If you want your commission in more than 1 size, you have to pay for every size you want. 
  • In case of big projects (book covers, book boxes, etc.) and every commission for commercial use, the commissioner has to sign a contract. 
  • It is not allowed to use a normal commission for commercial use for a book cover. There are different agreements and a different contract. 
  • Every commissioner will receive an invoice. 
  • I need to know the commission at least six weeks in advance, otherwise the order could become a rush order (and there will be a fee added).

For Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg:
BENELUX Auteur Commissieregeling

Omdat ik zelf Nederlands ben, wilde ik iets speciaals aanbieden voor schrijvers van Nederlandse bodem (en ook België en Luxemburg). Deze regeling geldt voor commissies die bij jouw boek horen:

  • Een boekcover commissie
  • Een illustratie van jouw karakters/een scène uit je boek/etc.
  • Illustraties voor in je boek
  • Alles wat met jouw boek te maken heeft

De commissieregeling:

  • Reguliere commissie prijzen met een korting van 10% op het commissie bedrag.
  • Indien je een commerciële exclusieve licentie aanschaft, geldt de Special Author Discount ook! Dus dan hoef je maar +50% te betalen voor de exclusieve licentie in plaats van +100%.
  • Je koopt de licentie voor de illustratie over, niet de auteursrechten. 
  • Ik moet de commissie minstens zes weken van tevoren weten, anders wordt het een rush order (en zitten er extra kosten aan vast). 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!