I want to share something with you what was really hard to keep a secret. Now I can finally tell you guys that I am going to work together with Sharon from @igniting_imagination !!!

We already have been working together for several weeks and we have some pretty amazing projects coming your way! ! I can proudly say I am now part of the Igniting Imagination team!
My art has been in Sharons XMaas box (the art is still available) and we’re working on a new box completely inspired by The Lunar Chronicles!
We’re also working on remodeling the candle labels from Igniting Imagination. I feel really excited and I cannot wait to make beautiful things in collaboration with Sharon!

Here you can see our latest project

We made art prints for the XMaas box. The three main couples of Sarah J Maas her books have put in a christmas aesthetic and you can buy them now. They’re exclusive, limited art-prints.

There is also an art print from the batboys. I suggest you check it out!

Go visit the site from Igniting Imagination of go visit her on instagram