Commission Info

Current Commission Status: WAITINGLIST

Current Waitlist Status: OPEN

How to order a commission and be added to my waiting list:

  • Read through this document to familiarize yourself with my options, prices and policies.
  • Send your commission order to my instagram account (@blueillusionart) or fill in the format on the website.
  • I will review your order and reply letting you know if I can accept the commission and when I added you on my waitlist.
  • Payment is only necessary once I get started, I will notify you once a commission slot is available and I have begun working.
  • DISCLAIMER: If commission prices are updated while a customer is wait listed, customers are expected to pay the current price of the commission when they receive a commission slot.


  • Full body €60,00. +€15,00 per extra character. Includes a very simple background.
  • Bust €45,00. +€10,00 per extra character. Includes a very simple background.


  • Full body €70,00. +€15,00 per extra character. Includes a detailed background.
  • Half body €55,00. +€10,00 per extra character. Includes a detailed background.


  • Pet portraits include a bust of the owner with their pet(s) – portraits of just pets fall under character illustrations. €50,00 with +€15,00 per extra pet (this fee may vary depending on the size of the pet).


  • Collaboration for a book box. Prices are in principle the same as the normal commissions, but can be discussed. Commissioners do not have to pay extra for commercial use, but are restricted to a certain amount. If you want to sell the illustration in your shop later on, you have to pay the full commercial price. I need to know the commission at least four weeks in advanced, otherwise the order could become a rush order (and there will be fee added).
  • A book cover €150,00. +€30,00 per extra character. It includes a front side + back side illustration. 


  • I do not provide printed illustrations as commissions. The commissioner will only get a digital file. 
  • I need the desired measurements of your commission before I start. I draw the illustration with a 3 mm printmarge. The illustration itself will always be in the desired measurements. 
  • Up to the sketch you can change things. After I start coloring, drastic changes will cost extra.
  • If you want an illustrated backside for your artprint, this can be done. The extra fee can differ on what kind of backside you want.
  • I can provide the commission in different sizes. Let me know beforehand what you want. If you want your commission in more than 1 size, you have to pay for every size you want:
    • <A5: +€0,00
    • Bookmark within original illustration: +€0,00
    • Bookmark outside original illustration: +€5,00
    • A4: +€5,00
    • Booksleeve/Bookjacket: +€15,00
    • Bag: +€10,00
    • Mug: +€10,00
    • If you have a special item, let me know!
  • In case of big projects (book covers, book boxes, etc.) and every commission for commercial use, the commissioner has to sign a contract. 
  • It is not allowed to use a normal commission for commercial use for a book cover. There are different agreements and a different contract. 
  • Every commissioner will receive an invoice. 
  • I need to know the commission at least four weeks in advanced, otherwise the order could become a rush order (and there will be fee added).


What counts as commercial use?

There are three price tiers:

  • Regular price, not for commercial use

Personal use means that drawings won’t generate you any kind of profit, and is something you wish to have for personal enjoyment.

  • 1,5x price, commercial use when the artwork is not the bulk of the product (promotional material, social media artwork, logo designs, etc.)
  • 2x price, commercial use when the artwork is the bulk of the product (prints, clothing, bags, merchandise, etc.)

DUTCH AUTHORS (only for Benelux authors – for now!)
Omdat ik zelf Nederlands ben, wilde ik iets speciaals aanbieden voor schrijvers van Nederlandse bodem (en ook België en Luxemburg). De volgende dingen gelden (voor nu) alleen voor art bij een pre-order van jouw boek. Heb je een ander idee, laat het me vooral weten!

  • Reguliere commissie prijzen, zonder de extra commercial price (oftewel; de prijs wordt niet 1,5 of 2 keer zo hoog). 
  • Ik laat de artprints bij mijn eigen drukker drukken. Dit is het aantal van jouw pre-orders + 20% extra voor eventuele beschadigingen/give aways/voor vrienden/etc.. De kosten van de drukker zijn voor jou.
  • Mag ik de print daarna in mijn eigen shop verkopen onder het kopje “Van Nederlandse Bodem” dan gaat er 10% van de commissie prijs af. 

Ik moet de commissie minstens vier weken van tevoren weten, anders wordt het een rush order (en zitten er extra kosten aan vast).


  • I can refuse any commission for any reason.
  • Slots are claimed through payment. Commissioners decide if they want to pay the whole amount before I start, or half of it and pay the other half when I am finished. If the customer fails to respond/pay within 48 hours of being notified about the available slot, it will be given to the next paying customer.
  • Commissions are added to my waitinglist in order of when they were purchased, unless you have commissioned me for a time sensitive piece (birthday, anniversary, convection artwork) in which case, fees may be added for rush orders.
  • Commissioners can ask for progress updates and pictures at any point during the process. But please, do not rush me or pester me for constant updates. 
  • I will post the artwork to my art accounts and give credit to the customer of ownership of the character (this can always be discussed in case of very personal commissions).
  • You may not use the purchased artwork for commercial use or to gain profits (i.e. selling merchandise that features my artwork) unless you have paid commercial pricing.
  • Prices are as seen unless I post otherwise. I don’t bargain for lower prices or more artwork.
  • Refunds can only be given before I have started the artwork, no refunds after it has been completed.
  • Drastic changes to the artwork after/close to completion will cost extra.
  • Artwork files can be emailed to the customer.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!